APUS I-5 Hydrogen

APUS i-5, a versatile air transportation platform with three main applications:

– Multi-Mission, ISR application
– Passenger transportation (14 Seats)
– Cargo transportation

APUS i-5 intends to revolutionize the mid range Cargo concepts of current logistic systems according to delivery time, delivery costs and delivery reliability.

The APUS i-5 Cargo is designed as an optionally piloted vehicle already from the beginning. The control surfaces provide the necessary redundancies. Actuators for the fly by wire system are already implemented in the second phase of the program the APUS i-5 Cargo will be converted into a fully autonomous flying unmanned aircraft system (UAS) – the APUS i-5 “Cargo Drone”.

APUS i-5 Hydrogen is powered by four electric engines. They are driven by the fuel cell for continuous power and boosted by high power batteries to supply in total 600 kW.



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