APUS I-2 Zero Emission Aircraft

APUS i-2 is the first emission-free aircraft for daily use. It is a four-seat normal-category (CS-23) aircraft with 2,200 kg MTOM, a range of 500 NM and a maximum cruise speed of 160 KTAS – competitive performance data comparable to most modern four-seat aircraft.

Employing a hydrogen fuel cell as its primary source of energy makes APUS i-2 100 % emission-free, i. e. zero CO₂, zero NOx, zero noise – nothing less than a revolution in emission-free flying! This is achieved through APUS’s patented structurally integrated hydrogen storage system. It permits up to 25 % higher specific energy density compared with standard hydrogen fuel tanks and ten times better energy density than battery-electric aircraft, all while avoiding the use of rare minerals that batteries employ.



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