The current program of BT Aviation JSC together with its partner APUS Group is to establish a factory in a Northern Africa country and a Eastern Europe country to produce APUS I-2, APUS I-5 Pax and APUS I-5 Cargo (twin-engine zero emission cruise aircrafts). With this program BT Aviation JSC not only invests in future technologies but also contributes in transition to the carbon-free world.

After the second revolution in aviation, the transfer from combustion engines to turbine engines currently the 3rd revolution has started, the conversion to electric and zero emission powertrains. Countries like New Zealand, Norway and Denmark have already active laws that prohibit fossil energy on regional flights from 2030 on. The whole global fleet of aircrafts will be replaced with new aircrafts and powertrains during the next 40-50 years. Therefore, this program has a very reliable forecast as it provides such aircrafts and powertrains as one of the very first producer.

Pioneering the subject matter, strong partners such as Rolls Royce, Fraunhofer Institute, Powercell and HEGGEMANN supported APUS Zero Emission already early on.


Hydrogen Electric Aircrafts


APUS i-2 is the first emission-free aircraft for daily use. It is a four-seat normal-category (CS-23) aircraft with 2,200 kg MTOM, a range of 500 NM and a maximum cruise speed of 160 KTAS.

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APUS I-5, a versatile air transportation platform with three main applications: Multi-Mission, ISR application, Passenger transportation (14 Seats), Cargo transportation

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